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The Anchored Unbound Center for

Executive Function



Individuals who struggle with executive function deficits typically face challenges in their everyday lives. Executive function coaching can help if you or your child need help with things like:

  • Organizing tasks, thoughts and plans

  • Staying on top of obligations

  • Adequately preparing

  • Initiating conversations with teachers or other adults

  • Prioritizing

  • Managing distractions

  • Tackling projects, written assignments and studying effectively

  • Evaluating performance and progress

  • Recognizing when problems need to be solved

  • Anticipating outcomes

  • Modulating behavior and/or emotions

  • Using past experiences to effectively plan for future ones

The part of the brain responsible for executive functioning continues to develop well into our 20s, and never actually stops changing. It’s common for adults to struggle as they approach transitions like college, entering the workforce and adjusting to family life and parenting.


Without STRONG EXECUTIVE FUNCTIONING, it can be difficult to feel productive or in charge of your life.

Adults and kids alike can typically manage obligations until the ‘scales tip.’ This is when the demands of the environment outweigh the skills established. This becomes particularly visible during the middle school years but can happen at any stage of life.

How many times have you heard a child lament about the UNFAIRNESS OF CHILDHOOD? They often wish to be transported into adulthood, imagining the joy and freedom of independence. But with THE BENEFITS OF BEING AN ADULT COME WITH CHALLENGES, and it’s very common for skills you’ve already developed to weaken when you encounter things like trauma, illness, and both acute and chronic stress. 

You may enter parenthood, for example, feeling like you are absolutely winning in life--you’re organized, on top of your game at home and at work. BUT THE SCALES CAN EASILY TIP. You find yourself grappling with new demands and unexpected setbacks. Inevitably, some of us will, unfortunately, encounter unanticipated and life-altering events at some point along the way. THIS IS WHEN YOU MAY START TO FIND YOU'RE NO LONGER ON TOP OF IT ALL. You’re behind, late, sad, frustrated, and maybe even hopeless.

We can help.


Procrastination, missed deadlines, strained relationships, and chronic stress are among all-too-common symptoms of weak executive functions. Kids and adults alike appear to be unmotivated, “lazy,” or incompetent--despite putting forth a great deal of effort.



Imagine what it would be like to feel back in control of your life,

 no longer putting things off or settling for sub-par results. 

What would it be like to see your child mow over ever-increasing hurdles, both at home and in school?

Think about what it might be like to reignite that relationship you once had with your child, before things got too hard, and you got too frustrated.


What if you could get unstuck, and finally make the changes you’ve never thought you could make?

You can have all these things, and more. Contact us to schedule an appointment.

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