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July 2022

 Introducing our THRIVE Coaching series

We've put together coaching groups for students at every stage, and we're unveiling Part I - THRIVE: College 


THRIVE: College is an executive function-centered coaching and support group for new and returning college students. 

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College students are often a forgotten and underserved population. Every August, we follow the  college students in our lives as they make the well-deserved, new and exciting transition into college. Dorm shopping, interviewing roommates, late summer gatherings to say goodbye to high school friends...

In all the excitement, it's easy to miss the realities that often set in once the dorm is organized, classes have started, and routine has set in.  Demands increase and feelings intensify. Students often tell us that once they've settled in to the newness, they feel sad, disappointed, and over-burdened. Returning students are often experiencing anxiety, dread, and diminished confidence as they hope to avoid the burdens of their previous semesters--problems that were never really solved, but rather simply endured.

In addition to hearing these stories from students who have historically struggled in school, we are hearing from students who have never experienced challenges and feel blind-sided.

They struggle with things like:

  • Executive Function challenges (such as managing schedules and independence, procrastination and productivity, motivation, etc.)

  • Depression and anxiety

  • Social isolation

  • Feeling lost or doubtful of direction, academic focus, career path, etc.

It's scary and the stakes feel high. But we're offering help...

After enrolling in THRIVE: College, students will have the benefit of support and coaching within the group setting through the critical first two months of the new semester. Participants will be offered two individual coaching sessions throughout the duration of the group for additional personalized support.

Group sessions will begin once move-in has likely occurred and students are getting into their routine.  Sessions will occur virtually on Monday evenings from 7-8:30pm on 9/5, 9/19, 10/3, 10/10, 10/24,&11/7. We will address topics related to logistics of schedule and classes, managing demands and balancing social life. Group members will find support as they share and work together with peers who understand and share similar challenges.


*It's critical that members WANT to be in the group. A resistant group member can make it difficult for other members to benefit optimally from the group experience.

Cost to Participate: $625

Register by 8/1/2022 to receive early bird rate: $550

Fee includes 9 hours of group instruction, 2 one-on-one coaching sessions, and electronic materials 

*We accept HSA and all major credit cards

Call our office at 419-271-7797 or email to register.  View flyer

August 2022

Executive Function Summer Camp at Anchored Unbound  - CAMPS ARE FULL, NO LONGER REGISTERING

Who: Kids 8-14 years old (2 sessions: 8-11 year olds and 12-14 year olds)

Where: Our office located at 350 Main Street Huron OH 44839

When: Aug 1st - Aug 4th (4 days) 9am - Noon (8-11 year olds) Click to view flyer

              Aug 8th - Aug 11th (4 days) 9am - Noon (12-14 year olds) Click to view flyer


Executive Function Summer Camp, led by Katie Greenleaf MA, LPCC, is a project-based learning week that encourages fun ways to strengthen key skills like planning, time management, organization, and navigating social situations. Groups are small and individual needs are incorporated into group activities.


Campers will spend time in a classroom-like setting for portions of the camp day, and will have an opportunity to spend time outside* engaging in group activities and demonstrations.


Parents will receive information and instructions on how to help learning continue at home, and how to help campers use their new tools during the school year and at home.

(*outside time weather permitting)

Cost: $675 Registration includes 12 hours of instruction, take-home materials, such as time keeping devices, an executive function planner, a STEM project, lunch on the last day of camp, and more.

Call our office to register 419-271-7797 or register now.


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